• Where to Stay On Holiday In Amalfi

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In recent years, the way of conceiving holidays in Italy has changed; in fact, if you previously opted for a hotel to stay in well-known tourist destinations, nowadays you prefer to stay in real apartments.

This is certainly dictated by the comfort and privacy that only an apartment can provide, together with the sensation of feeling exactly like in your own home. One of the most evocative and relaxing places to visit in the beautiful country is certainly Amalfi, in the province of Salerno, in Campania.

In fact, the famous former maritime republic still maintains its medieval charm and overlooks a beautiful coast offering truly unique glimpses and views. Surely the cathedral and the fountain of Sant’Andrea, the via dei Mercanti, the arsenal of the republic and the main road of the villages are obligatory stops for those visiting Amalfi. However, the most amazing area of ​​this city is the fjord of Furore, declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its singular beauty and for the breathtaking view it offers. In addition, the typical culinary specialties of Amalfi are well known to many, such as’ Ndunderi, an exclusive dish of fresh handmade pasta and marinated soup. These dishes among many others represent in an exceptional way the skilful art of cooking of which this town is proud. There are many people looking for a vacation home in this magnificent city. One of the best complexes to offer holiday apartments near the sea is the Calipso Residence which offers Holiday home near the sea in Amalfi Coast. The complex overlooks the fjord of Furore and winds around three apartments whose names recall precious gems: Emerald, sapphire and pearl. Each of these apartments is equipped with every imaginable comfort and presents unique peculiar characteristics suitable to satisfy every type of need

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