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What pneumatic valves are for 

Penumatic valves are essential tools for reducing noise levels during the operation of a pneumatic system. They are particularly useful for managing the discharge of compressed air into the environment. Valves can be made of different materials, the main ones being stainless steel, bronze and plastic. In recent years, new technologies have been developed to meet new market requirements. One example are silencers with a plastic connection, which can guarantee the same noise performance, but with a much lower specific weight and unit cost. In fact, pneumatic silencers reduce the noise generated by the valves during operation. They are, however, also used for other purposes, such as 

  • the construction of automatic machinery 
  • the securing of pneumatic equipment 
  • noise reduction in pneumatic systems
  • silencing heavy applications, such as in the metal or glass industry
  • silencing air exhausts of pneumatic valves and cylinders 

Who to contact 

To purchase the best quality pneumatic valves, you can rely on the competence and professionalism of Sistem Pneumatica, which for years has been a real point of reference in the sector. The company, in fact, boasts many years of experience in the production of pneumatic valves and silencers, connecting parts and line fittings. The latter are the main connectors for connecting the various parts of a pneumatic system by means of threaded connections and hose connectors. Connecting parts or line couplings are the main connectors for connecting the various parts of a pneumatic system through threaded connections and hose connectors. This section includes nipples, reducers, extensions, resists, L and T fittings and many others. All products are made of nickel-plated brass or 316L stainless steel. Instead safety valves are valves that are activated by releasing the air upstream into the atmosphere if the pressure in the pneumatic circuit exceeds a certain value, or by manual operation.