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Mechanical turning: what is it?

Turning or mechanical turning is the processing of a piece by removing the chip, in order to create particular pieces, such as conical or cylindrical parts, characterized by grooves, holes and threads. This is a high-precision job that involves two steps: roughing and finishing.

The first phase consists in a rough removal of the material, while it is in the second phase that the piece is modeled in order to achieve the desired shape, size and roughness. This is possible thanks to the use of the lathe.

Operations that can be carried out with the lathe

A lathe is a special machine tool that is used for machining a rotating part. Various operations can be carried out with the lathe. In particular, when the tool penetrates the piece, we speak of an internal operation. These include:

  • drilling
  • reaming (the finishing of the hole)
  • tapping (the removal of material for threading).

Conversely, if the machining is superficial, it is called an external operation. Among the tern operations we find:

  • turning
  • truncation (the removal of a section)
  • groove
  • thread (creation of grooves, bevels and steps)
  • facing (the removal of a layer of material to obtain a flat and smooth surface).

Machining center in Italy: find the best one

If you are looking for a machining centre in Italy, Torneria Nicoletti specializes in high precision mechanical machining and guarantees maximum safety and efficient integration with the rest of the machining

Torneria Nicoletti is able to respond quickly and precisely to the requests of all its customers, in absolute compliance with the specific requests and agreed deadlines. The processes carried out by Torneria Nicoletti include: milling, drilling, turning and tapping.

Torneria Nicoletti, machining center in Italy, has over 60 lathes available for the production of turned components and is able to produce more than 50 million turned parts per year, whose quality and safety are guaranteed by the various certifications obtained by ‘agency.

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