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If you feel uncomfortable about the current state of your pharmacy, or if you simply want to improve the potential of your business, then it may be time to refurbish your premises and change your pharmacy furniture.

The importance of careful planning

With the cost of an average pharmacy refurbishment ranging between € 40,000 and € 80,000, it is imperative to get a return on this investment. The most successful refits take place in those pharmacies who are clear from the start about what they want to achieve. Spending four weeks planning a two week refit isn’t unusual and will be time well spent. It will speed up the time taken for restructuring, minimize the disruption of your trading and also avoid bad shocks or surprises.
During the planning phase, pharmacy staff should carefully review why they want these changes, which can include making the dispensary workflow more efficient and getting the right space allocation for revenue / profit centers. You don’t want the dispensary staff to step on each other and waste time walking unnecessarily. The ideal result is when prescription items enter and leave the dispensary as quickly as possible. In many refits, this means planning separate workstations and discrete areas for home and care activities. In busy pharmacies, this can involve using modular shelving systems and robots, with efficient systems for inbound and outbound prescriptions.
Many modern dispensary makeovers keep the dispensary at the back of the pharmacy, where it will draw people through the store (and where the plumbing might be). Increasingly, pharmacies are also introducing the concept of ‘forward distribution’, in which the pharmacist stands in front of the dispensary counter to personally meet patients. With the support of integrated computer systems, it can perform clinical control at the “in” prescription point and offer advice for “outbound” prescriptions. Taking up the layout of modern restaurant kitchens, the dispensary staff can now also be in full view of the customers, giving a professional impression.
Good planning also means ensuring that the pharmacy offers the correct retail experience for its area. This means looking closely at local retailers to see what kind of experience they are offering, talking to staff and customers to see what they want, and allocating the correct space for the revenue achieved.

Pharmacy furniture

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