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After the little importance given to the image that has characterized the last decades, today this factor has climbed the summit, reaching a remarkable importance. Accomplice of this is also a new way of life adopted by the vast majority of people and characterized by the increasingly assiduous presence on social media, where symbols of aesthetic perfection prevail to which people increasingly want to resemble. Appearing ever younger, fighting the signs of ageing with all possible and imaginable means, is what practically all people aspire to.

However, to look younger and in step with the times, it is not enough to take care of your look with attractive and modern clothing, but it is also necessary to take care of your hair, since it is unthinkable, now, to present yourself in public with your head in disorder. Unfortunately, this also leads to the difficulty for many to accept hair loss, a typical sign of ageing, but also due to situations of anxiety and stress or pathologies that favor it. In these people, therefore, there is a significant decrease in their self-esteem.

Today, the solution exists and is found in the Hasci Swiss method

The techniques of hair transplantation are, today really at the forefront and have reached an extremely reliable level. With the method proposed by Hasci Swiss, the success of this type of intervention is guaranteed and the results are definitive, if the indications following the self-transplant practiced with professionalism and technical knowledge of the Hasci Swiss experts are also followed. The method involves the use of particularly thick areas of scalp skin, from which follicles are taken which, in turn, are simply moved to the area affected by alopecia.

Normally, it is thought that those who resort to hair transplantation do so as a last chance, but this is certainly not the case. The transplant is recommended from the moment you notice a strong hair loss. By intervening promptly, both the progression of any androgenetic alopecia and hair loss caused by congenital reasons are significantly counteracted.

This surgery is not recommended, however, in people under 30 years of age, since before this age the natural hair growth has not yet reached its final stage and it is, therefore, preferable to wait for its completion to have a more realistic picture of the problem.

Who Hasci Swiss is and how his method works

Among all the institutes that offer hair transplantation, Hasci Swiss is the absolute leader in the sector and uses latest-generation techniques practiced by an extremely qualified staff in hair transplantation.

The institute offers its clients a personalized consultation aimed at identifying the most appropriate technique according to the specific characteristics of the subject to be treated. In this consultation, importance is also given to the amount of follicles to be transplanted related to the level of alopecia to be resolved and, last but not least, the expectations that the subject wants to achieve.

Thanks to innovative techniques, Hasci Swiss boasts the full satisfaction of its customers. Ask for a personalized consultation now and you will soon get the hair you want so much.

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